2 - Increases in sales and New Market Development

1 - Protection of receivables;
Protects one of the most important assets of the company, the accounts receivable,
securitizing the cash flows.

Protect Cash Flow;  How many additional sales are needed  to cover the loss of an account

Commercial Penetration. Now you can incur markets and customers you had not  
previously taken due to the risk involved.

Taking advantage over competitors by offering better credit payment conditions with  
existing and potential buyers.

Leave using credit letters and the costs that are implicated.
3 - Reduces costs, because the credit insurance…

4 - Optimizes portfolio quality and its management

Guarantees better liquidity and faster debt collection vs. other instruments (mortgages, guaranties, etc.).
Minimizes financing costs while reducing reserves for bad debts.
Reduces customer investigations costs
Facilitates investigations of credit risk
5 - Makes it easy to financing accessing

Complements exiting credit procedures.
Access allowed to “expertise global” based in industry sectors.
The Policyholder obtains neutral and ranked customer opinions.
The current insurance policy, allows policyholders transferring the insured rights to the
financial institutions or factoring companies. You can also access better financing
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